Implementing Charm Bar Features

How to Share text in windows 8.1 app? (Download Project) (Video Tutorial , Tutorial Files) Searching in App Tutorial: (Download Project) 1. Create a blank windows 8.1 store app in c# 2. goto MainPage.xaml and following lines of code between opening and closing tag of GRID 3. Goto MainPage.xaml.cs and in side public …

Adding items in settings flyout

Complete project files of adding about section in settings flyout(Windows 8.1 Store app development). Complete Project (Download Here) Codeby: Sir Usman-Ur-Rehman  

Pakistani Flag – World Record

Biggest Human flag world record set by Pakistani youth at Punjab youth festival 2014 held under government of Pakistan. Click on the image to view image in HD.

Punjab Youth Festival App

    Windows 8.1 Application for Punjab Youth Festival 2014 You can get Hackathon information about categories, rules and register as well. All other categories include sports, educational, Science and Technology and lots of other.   Download:   Developed by: Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar at Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore Thanks to: Shahid …