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In angular we organize things differently than regular JavaScript. One of the popular ways of organizing applications is MVC Architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller. Lets look at What is MVC or Model View Controller Architecture in AngularJS. Before learning AngularJS MVC Architecture, you should have checked Tutorial 2: Basic App in AngularJS because it shows how to make basic app in AngularJS and structure folders for AngularJS to work correctly or you can click the following list to goto specific angularJS tutorial:


Model is data it can be dynamic data which means you can get it from a database like MySQL and you can also get data from static JSON file.

Let’s create a model. Add following lines in a file named as index.html: (Add at bottom on index.html)

Code Explanation

$scope is an object, meal is variable, added to scope. Then in curly brackets that is JSON static data.


View is display of model that is your data. It uses double curly brackets and it is lot like using JavaScript template library (like mustache.js).

Let’s create a view, add these lines in index.html:

Code Explanation
View is getting data from meal variable which holds JSON data for breakfast.


Controller gives you control over model and view which means it controls how data is retrieved and displayed to end-user.

Wrap MODEL  in this controller function: (You should add MODEL inside this function which is shown above)

Code Explanation

Just a simple function around model code .

Now add a div around VIEW like this:

Code Explanation

A div that holds a controller directive. Note that “food” in ng-controller=”food” is same as function name.

Final code should look like this:

(I’ve changed function name in screenshot)
MVC Architecture in AngularJS

When you run it in browser you will get Orange juice, not actually :p
This is called AngularJS MVC Architecture.

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