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Node as a Backend for Beginners

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Why Node.js? Node.js allows the user to write backend code in JavaScript instead of PHP, Python, Java or any other language. To be a full-stack developer, you had to be fairly fluent in more than one programming language, but with Node.js, our entire web application can be written in JavaScript. …

Tutorial 2: Node Authentication using Express, Amazon EC2 and Mongo | Node.js Tutorial

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NodeJS Tutorials List  icon-chevron-down Introduction Node Authentication App This is second tutorial of Node.js. Previously, we got familiar with Node.js. Here we will do something interesting with node. In this tutorial, we will build an authentication module to verify usernames and passwords using cloud-based NoSQL technology. Broadly, cloud based NoSQL technology is …

Tutorial 1: Introduction to Node.js | Node.js Tutorials

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NodeJS Tutorials List  icon-chevron-down Introduction Node Authentication App Welcome to Node.js Course. This is first of many node.js tutorials. This post describes what node is, what node is not, practical application of node.js, why use node, who should learn node, what you should know before getting started, installing node and …