Adding PYF Flyout in Windows 8.1 App

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Folks! Let see how we can add Punjab Youth Festival’s settings flyout in windows 8.1 app for Microsoft Hackathon 2014. Remember, its an easy breasy task. How to access settings flyout? While your app is running, press ‘Windows Key’+ C and goto settings. You will see available options.  

Lets do it now!

1. Start visual studio 13 > New Project > Visual C# > Windows store app > Blank app

2. Next add settings flyout by right clicking on your project > Add > New Item >

3. Next name settings flyout (whatever you like) and click add. 4. Open settings flyout (XAML file) and add following lines of code inside SettingsFlyout tag like this: <SettingsFlyout > PASTE BELOW CODE</SettingsFlyout> You can enter your team name and contact email here. Secondly change title attribute of settings flyout tag in the very beginning too like this:


5. Now lets add these two images in assets folder of your app project. 6. Goto  App.xaml.cs and add following lines of code AFTER  public App() {} Method you must enter name of your Flyout.


Here is snapshot of MY code.   Download Complete Code  here is how our PYF flyout looks like:  Any Question?? Comment down below.