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Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar

Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar

Founder of Hfarazm Software LLC


My name is Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar. I am technology speaker, designer, game maker, full stack web developer, application developer and internet marketer focused on productivity. Analyzing and conveying concepts of adeptness across various domains is what drives me. I blog to make people competent, to distribute code and write tutorials that teaches efficiently, and to be as efficient as possible in the process.

I have a background in designing, development and internet marketing of software, game, 3D modeling, animation, web and windows store apps. I have bachelor degrees in computer science and arts from GCUF and AIOU respectively. I have worked with 3D modeling, designing and web since 2008. The majority of the time from 2010 to 2012 I have worked as designer & developer for Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and Tauseef Enterprises Private Limited. In 2012, my focus has steadily transformed towards the concept of productivity. I decided to be a front-runner – the common theme of the projects both in software development and other areas like entrepreneurship, personal productivity, career goals etc. In 2013, I was nominated as Microsoft Student Partner and with that title in hand I had the honor to conduct more than 50 on-site training sessions on different Microsoft technologies at several universities. Year 2014 brought good news for me, when I joined Microsoft as intern.

Beside Microsoft, currently I am running several online sites, developing games, store apps, branding products, marketing businesses and lots of other cool stuff.

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Q. What are your expertise?

A. I have expertise in following:

Microsoft Tools & Technologies: Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Sharepoint, Visual Studio, C#, XAML, UnityVS, Blend, Expression Studio, SQL Server, Windows 8 Licensing, Office 365, Azure Cloud, Win Server 2003 & 2008R2

Full Stack Web:  Data Modeling, DevOps, Business Logic, MVC, Api Layes, PHP5, JSP, mySql, codeIgniter, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, NodeJS, JSON and two dozen more), LESS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Edge, SVG, SEO(Black & White Hat SEO, Meta Stuffing, Doorway, Link farming, inbounds etc), internet marketing(PTC, referral etc), branding, wordpress, phpBB, Simple Machines, unity3D for web

Game Design & Development: Unity game engine, Toon Boom Studio, Photoshop, 3Ds Max, zBrush, Animation, Illustration, Mono, UnityScript, Lighting, Render Farming, Cinema 4D, Construct 2

Other: Java 7, Microsoft Office 2010, MS Project, MS XNA Game Studio, Oracle 9i and software and tools list goes on…

Q. How you have learned too many things?

A. Well, I study online watch tutorials, read blogs, discuss at online forums and finally integrate ideas. In my opinion, you can learn all about computer science online. Reading and learning becomes fun when you are implementing your course in real projects.


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